About political colours

Political colours are colours used to represent a political party, either officially or unofficially. Parties in different countries with similar ideologies tend to use similar colours. For example, the colour red symbolises left-wing ideologies (c.f. Red Flag, Red Army, Red Scare). However, the political associations of a given colour vary from country to country; for example, red is also the colour associated with the right-wing Republican Party in the United States.

Source: Wikipedia

politicalcolours.ro - About the project

The project offers open access in a friendly, interactive and visual way to public information regarding the spatial distribution of Romanian datasets referring to political preferences and the range of thematical maps.

There are four main predefined categories, Local Administration, Chamber of Deputies, Senate and Statistics that allow a clear view upon the political preferences, demographic and sociological dimension of the Romanian territory, from its' smallest administrative division.

Contributors and Data Sources

The Sponge Hack Days 1-2 Nov 2014

The project Political Colours of Romania Reloaded has been voluntarily developed by a team with different professional backgrounds: Vasile Craciunescu, Cristi Boboc, Bogdan Grama, Cristi Draghici, Mihai Dumitru, Codrina Maria Ilie.

For research and data wrangling activities we would like to thank: Liana Ganea, Marius Budileanu, Badea Marisena, Chirițescu Elena, Codreanu Ionuț, Marin Andreea, Popică Ovidiu, Șerban Ionuț, Radu Alexandru.

2012 Edition

The project Political Colours of Romania interactively mapped has been voluntarily developed by a team of nine members, with different professional backgrounds: Petru Zoltan, Zoltán Sipos, Bogdan Grama, Iulian Iuga, Vasile Craciunescu, Andrei Cipu, Cristi Draghici, Mihai Dumitru, Codrina Maria Ilie.

To make our map more complex and to offer a more effective analysis tool we have collaborated with : Octavian Costache, developer of hartapoliticii.ro

We would like to thank Mr. Bogdan Manolea for his kind help and support.

Copyright Notice

The current project has been developed by TheSponge, a journalistic project in Romania owned by CRJI. All information presented are of public interest.

Sources of the information are:

  • The Central Bureau of Elections
  • The National Institute of Statistics
  • The National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration
  • http://www.ancpi.ro/dwf/INDEX_1_2.dwf and derivative works of the above.

The origin (and not the source) of some information can't be disclosed due to the protection of journalistic sources.

All the information and works in the current website are available in the public domain or are licenced via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (as applicable). The source code of the application is licenced under MIT. All data and code source are available for download on github for personal use.

By our knowledge, for any re-use of the data in a public commercial or non-commercial project please note that certain information may be protected by the sui-generis database right of some Romanian public institutions.

The contributors of this project would like to emphasize the public character of all the data used in this project and the necessity of availability of all these data in an open data format and licence from all Romanian public bodies and as soon as possible.

All images, maps, screenshots and text from the current site may be reproduced freely on any other media, if the work is correctly attributed to 'PoliticalColours.ro - Project of TheSponge.eu. Some Rights Reserved'.

Please contact us if you want any further details regarding the copyright status of various data present in the website.